Bridge the Divide Between

Danish Companies and China


Analyze – Adapt – Inspire


Analysis and strategy


While some companies offer famous “China-hands” with little hands-on experience working for foreign brands in China, our on the ground associate will provide in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape facing your  company. Having been through countless executions we craft turn key strategies for any budget.

Website & Localization


Localizing websites in China is overlooked at your own peril, as many companies have come to realize. With a distinct culture and language, building your Chinese website from scratch is a must. We will help you establish the set-up of your website for the Chinese market from a Linguistic, Cultural and Technical SEO perspective.

Chinese Social Media


At Brand Bridge, we specialize in social media and brand communications for the Chinese market, and can help your company form its strategy and brand message as well as executive the strategy whether for the short or long term. Platforms include Wechat, Weibo, Facebook and Youku.

Business Development


Despite strong products and engaging branding, many foreign companies stumble at the business development stage, where forging strong links with potential partners and customers is crucial. With foreign and Chinese sales executives, we help you navigate the Chinese market, to engage with the right people and make the right deals.




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BrandBridge opinion

Gør din firmahjemmeside Kinaklar

    Hvis man vil ind på det kinesiske marked med ydelser eller produkter, skal man selvfølgelig gøre sit forberedende arbejde godt inden. Blandt andet er det en god idé at få versioneret sin hjemmeside til kinesisk. Dels fordi mange kinesere ikke er gode til... read more

Made in Denmark, isn’t all its cranked up to be in China

  The moniker “Made in Denmark” has brought fame and success to Danish brands across Europe, the US and in Japan over the last decades. Many Danish business owners have therefore thought it natural to assume that the same would be valid for the Chinese market.... read more

Denmark-China news

1st batch of Danish milk powder arrived in Chongqing, China

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) — On the morning of the 29th, the activity for the returning of the Yuxin’ou Railway International train with the 1st batch of Danish infant food as well as the unpacking activity for the arriving of new Moohko (Demark) products was held... read more